Global Hematology 2020


Date & Venue: Feb 24-25, 2020 Rome, Italy

Theme: Breakthrough notions in Hematology and Transfusion Medicine

Global Hematology 2020 offers excellent opportunities for exhibitors to share their products and services with their peers. We do offer partnership opportunities at our annual conference. The goal of this event is to connect clinical research & Hematology professionals and to inform them on the best and most up-to-date practices. If you don’t see an opportunity that fits your needs Global Hematology 2020 can consider customized sponsorships. Please contact the office by emailing for more information. Your support will encourage us to work more effectively in organizing the event.

Target Audience

人人彩票下载地址hematology scientists, hematology health professional, hematology nutritionists, oncology researchers, hematology faculties, hematology nurses, hematology physicians, pediatric health care associates, hematology associations and societies, pediatric specialists, training institutes, medical colleges, business entrepreneurs, pathologists, immunologists, students and manufacturing medical devices companies.

Conference Sessions

hematology, vascular blood disorders, cardio-oncohematology, hematology case reports, hematology and neurology, hematologic cancers, blood syndromes: diagnosis and treatment, organ-specific cancer, stem cell therapy, cord blood transplantation, clinical hematology, biomarkers in hematology and oncology, diagnosis and screening of hematology, immunohematology, hematology and pharma industry, transfusion medicines, pediatric hematology

Interested participants can submit their research paper/abstract as per the attached template to the below-provided link


Abstract Submission

Date: February 24-25, 2020
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Contact Number: +442039365566 | whatsapp: 34-932-71-6034
Organizer: Allied Academies