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company introduction cn1699 is a medical device b2b platform connecting buyer and seller in one market place. we work with brands from a to z, from advertising their brand identities and developing their brand message to getting them online, offline, and in touch with their target audience. company overview cn1699.cn belongs to hong kong chenyang trading limited company, which was founded in 2006 which was mainly engaged in the import & export trade of international logistics supply chain for medical device and equipment. in 2014, the company cooperated with oracle in developing digital, social and mobile marketing platform (b2b2c) for medical devices. at present, the company is headquartered in hong kong with branches in the philippines and in guangzhou, china. general information cn1699 is a china medical device b2b platform connecting all the buyers and sellers around the world looking for a total solution for their medical and healthcare need. we are in cooperation with multiple manufacturers’ of medical supplies & equipment thrived by combining top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing on medical supplies. with a dedicated team, we also specialize in effective marketing. we're passionate about helping businesses improve and expand their brand to generate more traffic on their website and increase more sales. we provide the most accurate professional medical service and high-targeted exposure for your high-quality medical devices to make your brand well known and to build a strong market channel for your business. we also provide an advertising with the help of our professional team with years of experience brings your products branding exposure through biggest social network services & search engines such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc., precisely boosting the exposure of your company, as well as, high-targeting audience. technological advantage: mastering the independent intellectual property rights and the global renowned social platforms, with plug-in and interface technology which can transform rapidly and connect seamlessly videos, language, image-text and live streaming from domestic and overseas social media platforms. applying algorithm and technique of quick field search with independent intellectual property rights. contact us for more information: general inquires medical@bsdljkq.cn lori | general manager lori@bsdljkq.cn jennilyn | customer care jennilyn@bsdljkq.cn claire | customer care claire@bsdljkq.cn grace | customer care grace@chenyangtrade.com

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